For When You Need A Doctor Now: Amwell

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Doctor on Demand. All opinions are my own.
Need a doctor? Now? Try Amwell and you can get a doctors visit in minutes (your first visit is free, keep on reading). The doctors at Amwell are available quickly (and at all hours too).

From the start of the registration process to the end of my first visit the total time was 40 minutes.  Amazing! I've had to wait weeks to get an appointment with my primary care doctor. This is a very efficient way to see a doctor.


Before I set my appointment I had to register, which was easy enough to give my email address and create a password. Also, I provided a but of patient history and the purpose of my visit. I've been having headaches, but not the normal one I used to get from reading or staring at a screen for too long. Dare I say, I think I've been suffering from migraines.

My appointment was with Dr. Minoti Parab. After explaining my history I got down to why I needed the visit. My symptoms: a headache that comes and goes regularly for the past 6 months. Since it seemed to but reoccurring I thought it might be connected to my period. The last time I had a headache it was located on left side of my forehead and lasted from 12-24 hours. I explained that sometimes I even get nauseous, but not all the time. 

Dr. Parab helped me realized that this is more than an average headache. In fact, she prescribed some medicine to try at the onset of my next migraine. Next, I will follow-up with Dr. Parab via the secure message system on the website to let her know how I am doing. I was thrilled with the ease and efficiency of this process and will be back!

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