Airbnb For Your Closet? New App Style StyleLend

We're super excited to try the new fashion app: StyleLend. Created to be a peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace. Think Airbnb but for your closet! You can rent & lend designer pieces from stylish girls in your city.

StyleLend was created in San Francisco by Lona Duncan. The idea for Style Lend came to her while she was traveling the world. She thought it would be amazing if I could travel with less and experience the culture through fashion. She came back to the US pitched the idea and won multiple competitions & was accepted to the prestigious YCombinator - where companies like airbnb, Dropbox & reddit came out of.

Now in San Francisco and expanding to New York Summer 2015 & Los Angeles Fall 2015 the app is allowing women to access their dream closets one city at a time, coming to yours next!

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