Health Essentials: HealthyCell Advanced Cellular Nutrition Multivitamin


Recently I purged my kitchen cabinet, the place where I keep all of my spices, tea, and vitamins. I discovered old and expired items that were taking up much of my limited shelf space. In a search to streamline my way to health I was looking for a new multi-vitamin. I was invited to try HealthyCell® a daily multivitamin/multimineral complex, formulated by Noble Price Nominee and Leading Stem Cell Researcher, Dr. Giampapa. More than a daily vitamin this multi-mineral complex is made with a potent blend of over 90 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients - a combination not available in any other daily multivitamin and multimineral product. The synergy of the ingredients is based on 30 years of research into cell health.

For optimal cell health you need the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. HealthyCell has over 90 nutrients including:  64 Plant based compounds to improve cell health - 13 vitamins for organ support - 9 minerals for cell repair - 5 enzymes for digestive nutrient absorption.

HealthyCell includes AM and PM formulas for 24-hour nutrition and absorption boosting nutrients. In a national study comparing HealthyCell to a leading brand of multivitamin, the majority of women and men aged 40 to 60 taking HealthyCell (two morning tablets and two evening tablets) reported an immediate (within the first week) and sustained (at six weeks) improvement in sleep, energy, mental focus and ability to manage stress.

After 30 days (4 weeks)I felt overall more alert and slept better than average. I personally, did not feel more equipped to manage stress than I normally do. I feel that for me the improvements to hair, skin and nails might come in the next few weeks of continuing HealthyCell, fingers crossed!

You can order yours on Amazon. Here is a breakdown of the benefits:

Cellular Benefits:
- Helps Cells Repair DNA Damage
- Helps Cells Maintain Telomere

Health Benefits You Can Feel:
- Stronger Hair and Nails
- Healthier Looking Skin
- Sharper Mental Focus
- More Energy
- Better Quality Sleep
- Better Body Composition

Please note: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician prior to taking any nutritional supplement. Patients taking anti-coagulants or antidepressants should consult their physician prior to taking supplements.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored sponsored review. However, all opinions are my own.