Natural Deodorant That Works: Purelygreat Cream Deodorant

Recently I had the chance to go natural! Let me be more specific, I wanted to switch up my deodorant from what I've been using from my drugstore. It's been awhile since I've tried a natural deodorant, there is a reason for that. Frankly, I didn't like the way it worked or didn't work. 

When I was asked to review Purelygreat I was concerned about having a similar experience. It was not like my previous experience it was different and much better actaully. Purelygreat is a cream deodorant made up of 3 simple ingredients, each one you can actually pronounce! From the minute you open the jar and smell it you’ll experience the pleasant difference between this gentle all natural deodorant and the harsh commercial brand products.

The first thing that I noticed is the cream formula, meaning it comes in a tub and you have to mix the product in the jar it and apply it under your arm straight from the container. There a little more interaction I have with my armpit on a daily basis but I didn't mind it. The formula is really nice, soft and creamy but lightweight and easy to apply. 

What's interesting is understanding the difference between a deodorant and antiperspirant. I'm a big sweat-er, so even with the strongest antiperspirant I still sweat but with a deodorant your armpits are allowed to sweat but you don't get that you don't get a bad scent. One thing I did notice that I probably sweat about as much as I did wearing antiperspirant and it did work as a deodorant I wasn't smelly my clothes didn't get funky and I think the overall benefits are pretty compelling.  

A natural deodorant shouldn’t have any chemicals or aluminum, also make sure your natural deodorant has no synthetic fragrances! Purelygreat natural deodorant doesn’t plug your pores it allows you to sweat but not smell!

You don’t have to worry about the long term effects that absorbing chemicals into your system may cause. We’ve all heard stories about how deodorants and anti-perspirants might be associated with breast cancer and alzheimers.

Also, eliminate clogged pores and spending money on products to remove stains from your shirts and tops! You are worry free when wearing our natural deodorant. Purelygreat natural deodorant is simple and effective. It can be difficult to find long lasting deodorant, vegan deodorant and chemical free deodorant all in one product.

It is important to use a deodorant not an antiperspirant as your body needs to sweat. Non aluminum deodorant is the perfect choice, which deodorants are aluminum free? All Purelygreat products are aluminum-free. For more visit: