Hacking Chinese: The Complete Guide to HSK

I've been interested in learning a new language for a long time. When I was asked to review "Hacking Chinese: The Complete Guide to HSK" I was very excited.

This is not a book designed for learning the language from start to finish. It is a manual that includes all the vocabulary that is presented for the the HSK exam. HSK, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or the Chinese Proficiency Test is an international standardized exam which tests and rates Chinese language proficiency.

The books includes the 150 words that are tested on HSK. There are real test examples and exercises that simulate HSK tests, as well as grammar explanations that will benefit your Chinese study in the future. 

The emphasis is on learning characters and is essential for anyone that is serious in achieving language fluency. Learning the characters is a good way to build a solid foundation for future Chinese language studies and language fluency.

The philosophy of the book is in learning by testing. Neuroscientists have discovered that we remember better the content that we have been tested on. This book is structured in a quiz format. 

Great for understanding the fundamentals for proficiency and a general understanding of the structure of Chinese language.