Travel Essentials: Coosh 60W Rapid Car Charger for Macbook Pro

You keep a charger for you phone in your car, why not keep one for your computer?!

With summer coming up, planning a summer road trip is an American tradition, and setting out for an adventure to explore this vast country of ours can create incredible, lasting memories. That said, all it takes is a small hiccup to derail your summer road trip fun. — AAA estimates it aids 7.9 million stranded motorists each summer. 

It’s All About Fun:  Make sure your family and friends are prepared with entertainment as well as safety equipment to deliver peace of mind. Download music, games and videos; gather audio books and prepare snacks and drinks—especially water. Make sure chargers are plentiful, particularly for smart phones as they come in handy both for entertaining purposes and calling for assistance in case of emergency.

e love this Coosh 60W Rapid Car Charger for Macbook Pro

The is the full charge for time is about 75Min
• Interface: Magsafe2
• Power: 60W
• Length: 170cm
• Over Charge Protection

It is compatibile with: * MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display * MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display * MacBook Air 11" Mid 2012 * MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012