10 Reasons To Begin A Yoga Practice & A Big Birthday Celebration For Dharma Yoga

Attention Yogi's! This weekend celebrate the 76th birthday of Sri Dharma Mittra while immersing yourself in all aspects Yoga. Enjoy asana, pranayama, spiritual discourse, and more. This experience is not to be missed!! 

Brazilian yoga teacher Dharma Mittra has been teaching since 1967, and you may be familiar with photos of him standing on his head—without using his arms—and smiling beatifically. While Dharma yoga is its own system (and one taught around the world), its roots are in the ashtanga tradition, and Dharma classes are accordingly vigorous and challenging. Classes are offered at various levels from beginner to “Master Sadhana,” and the Flatiron studio also offers workshops and courses. Visit:


Why Yoga? Here is how you can incorporate Dharma Yoga As a Key To Longevity and Healthful Aging:

1. Yogic exercises / postures allow one to "age gracefully", as they improve muscle tone, balance and build bone mass for practitioners of any age.

2. Yoga teaches one to actively engage their Para-sympathetic Nervous System, the opposite of the fight or flight mechanism that is too often engaged by so many Westerners, and that leads to many long-term health problems. We learn to relax and relaxation has a positive effect on overall mental function and helps boost the function of the immune system.

3. The Ethical Principles of yoga help one to become established in compassion, one of the great goals of all world religions and philosophic systems.

4. The Yogic diet includes many of the classes of food being touted as those best suited to long-term health both of human beings and of the planet overall. 

5. Such popular trends as vegetarianism, veganism and raw / live diet are all a part of the Yogic approach to diet and have been for thousands of years.

6. Meditation, very much in the public eye at present due to all the positive health benefits associated with the practice, has always been part of yoga practice.

7. Yogic exercises / postures directly act against many of the common afflictions that are a natural part of aging.

8. Concentration practice helps one to concentrate the mind, leading to increased ability in any area of life requiring concentration.

9. Yogic posture practice helps normalize the function of the Circulatory System, transferring pressure from areas of increased pressure to lower, and digestion by massaging and stimulating the ascending and descending colon.

10. Yogic posture practice, breathing exercises and meditation all have the effect over time of lowering the resting heart rate, leading to a physically-based feeling of peace that leads to true peace of mind.