Upgrade Your Accessories: Crystal Feathered Ear Jackets

We are loving this trend of double sided crystal ear jackets. Classy and elegant these Crystal Feathered Ear Jackets earrings available at:, come with a simple round rhinestone stud and a double row of crystal rhinestone arches that crawls under the lower earlobe.

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Clusters of round and teardrop shaped crystals adorn these ear jackets. These trendy earrings will have your lobes covered in style with their simple stud in the front and rhinestone arches that curve under your earlobe. 


Style tip: Switch out the back for a regular earring backing and you've got yourself a pair of simple studs. Or get adventurous and mix-and-match your own studs with the stone and rhinestone bauble backing! Pair these with a work blouse or with a graphic t-shirt for a edgy look.

Details: These earrings measure 3/4" and are made of round glass and teardrop shaped rhinestones.