Foodie Essential: Organic Platinum Yacon Syrup

Organic Platinum Yacon Syrup is a premium, raw, vegan, gluten free, all natural sweetner sourced directly from Peru.

Touted by some experts as a natural way to lose weight, it also provides an excellent source of natural prebiotics and fiber. Peak Fusion Organic Yacon Syrup is dark brown in color, has a molasses like taste, and can be used in most baking and cooking recipes. Some users enjoy taking up to three teaspoons a day as a weight loss support tool. Visit:

Peak Fusion Platinum Yacon Syrup has a rich, dark, sweet flavor. Easy to pour and sourced from Peru, every batch is third party tested for purity. Pure organic yacon syrup is an excellent alternative to white sugar and honey.

Platinum Yacon Syrup is a pure, natural, low-glycemic sugar substitute which adds sweetness and antioxidants with low calories compared to sugar. Recommended as a sugar substitute for diabetics and prediabetics. Can be used by vegans who want a replacement for regular sugar and honey. Full of healthy prebiotic, it easily substitutes for maple sugar or molasses in recipes. Can be used to sweeten your tea, coffee, and other beverages. Easy to use in all recipes.