What Ingredients You Need In Your Anti-Aging Facial Serum

The right serum empowers your beauty and takes the years off. 
You're unique and beautiful, but is your skin reflecting it? Let your skin become radiantly alive again! 

We tried the Anti-Aging Facial Serum by Jeffen and here's why we love it:

The I AM RADIANT Facial Serum is better by design 
* Helps you naturally look as young as you feel with 3x Toning System.
* Compatible with all skin types. (sensitive skin included) 
* Instantly moisturizes and protects. 
* Lightweight, with no greasy residue. 
* Daily positive empowerment for your beautiful state of mind. 
* Luxury spa formula endorsed by herbalists and estheticians. 
* High standards in quality - safe, natural, organic, and vegan. 
* Amber glass bottle extends shelf life. (saving you money) 

Ingredients Breakdown 
VITAMIN C - Revitalizes aging skin by rejuvenating your collagen production and repairing photo-damange skin. 
ARGAN OIL - Essential fatty acids and antioxidants to restore dull skin. 
HYALURONIC ACID - Minimize fine lines and wrinkles. An excellent moisturizer to increase smoothness and youthfulness of the skin. 
ALOE VERA - A powerful antioxidants containing extra Vitamin C and E. Improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated while cooling inflammation. 
GERANIUM OIL - Minty fresh to keep your skin contracted for a toned look. 

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