The Show You NEED To Binge Watch: 'Sr. Avila' on HBO Latino #SrAvilaUS

You guys know I love TV! So when I discovered Sr. Avila, an epic Mexican import, on HBO Latino I was ready tune in. This is not your mami's novela, it is everything you expect from HBO and on May 1st Season 2 of Sr. Avila begins. But if you want to get caught up you can watch all of Sr. Avila on HBO NOW and take advantage of the 1 month free trial.

Also, join me for a live twitter party before the season premiere of Sr. Avila on Friday May 1st at 9pm EST using #SrAvilaUS 

About the show:

The opening theme is a haunting instrumental version of "Mad World" and you are drawn into the world of Sr. Avila. Yes, it is in Spanish, but the HBO NOW version has English subtitles. Simply, the  life story of Avila ( Tony Dalton ), a middle class insurance salesman, husband and father, hiding a double identity murderer for hire.

Avila is 45 years old, a wife named Mary ( Nailea Norvind ) and a teenage son, Emiliano ( Adrian Alonso ). To them and to all who know him, Avila is a simple life insurance salesman. But within the organization of murderers hired to which it belongs secretly escalate positions and will sit at the top of the business. The new position will come problems and responsibilities and leads to the beginning of his crumbling  facade crumbling; his life, his wife and son will become a nightmare which will be difficult to escape.

Avila is not a murderer by vocation but by profession. His life goes from home to office and back, is routine and apparently conventional. Under the facade of normalcy, hides his real job.

His wife Mary is 40 years old and lives anesthetized and divorced from reality. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Avila is a teenager product of a dysfunctional family. Emiliano has a great need for affection and attention that only manages to express through violence, increasingly frequent, which puts it in the hands of dubious companies and in grave danger.

Mr. Moreira ( Fernando Becerril ) is the master of the funeral home that actually hides the dark custom business crime. Manages a team of hired murderers, among whom is Ávila. In this business there are few rules, but must be implemented fully and Moreira is the sentencing judge when one is broken.

In addition to the actors mentioned, part of the cast Carlos Aragon (Ivan, secretary and adviser to the "Sr." in shift), Jorge Caballero (Ishmael rebel apprentice Ávila), Hernán Mendoza (Ybarra, the oldest hitman Mr . Moreira and guardian of Avila),  Camila Selser (Ana, makeup artist of corpses in the mortuary), Margarita Muñoz (Maggie, lover of Avila) and Juan Carlos Vives (Rogelio, an intermediary between clients and the "Mr." in shift) among others.

Ready for Season 2? Check out this trailer: