The Perfect Bath With Balance Bath Pillow

With Mother’s Day around the corner I know many families hunt for the perfect gift for mom. Why not create a custom-made gift set filled with a variety of beauty products to give her a spa experience at home over and over again.

Check out these spa product ideas to include in your DIY beauty set to gift mom on her day!

1. We love this Balance bath pillow, available on Amazon. Balance pillow is shaped to provide extra support for your head, neck, and shoulders, making your time in a bath ever more pleasant and relaxing. Create a Balance in your life, improve your bath experience, relax, and relieve stress. 

Built for comfort and relaxation in mind, Balance pillow is densely filled with high quality PU foam, resembling your bedroom pillow, and turning your bath into a luxurious spa experience. The 2 foam-filled sections connected with a flexible hinge with 7 suction cups (2 on the top section, 5 on the bottom section) ensures the pillow stays firmly in place, providing stability in any tub shape so you don't have to worry about the slip and sliding. Simply wet them first before pressing them onto the tub to ensure a tight seal. 

2. A gorgeous candle that will scent the room and create a soft light for the most serene atmosphere.


3. A cozy robe! We like this Xhilaration Robe, its under $25. 

4. Bubble Bath thats mom and kid friendly. Keep your bathroom and spa treatment natural by looking for sulfate free formulas and great natural scents.

Put it all together and for bonus points create a soothing playlist!