Tech & Travel: 9 Reasons The Get The Netgear Trek Travel Router and Range Extender

Disclosure: I received products from Netgear for review purposes. All statements and opinions are all my own.

Whether you travel for work or pleasure chances are you'll need to connect to a wireless network. Bur how safe is that Wi-Fi hotspot really? Do you have to pay an extra access fee for each device you travel with? Maybe you're at the mercy of a single wired connection in your hotel room that can't connect to your tablet or smartphone.

As a Netgear ambassador I was given the Netgear Trek N300 Travel Router and Range Extender to review. I knew the perfect way to test it out would be on my trip to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show.  I packed the sleek device into my laptop sleeve and it wasn't any bulkier than my laptop power cord.  

Not only is the Trek easy to set up, its easy to create a private WiFi network with firewall protection on public hotspots. It also allows you to instantly share any Internet connection so you no longer pay multiple access fees for each device. The bonus is it is also a convenient USB power options for use with laptops or wall-plug design.

1.  Save on Internet Access Fees

Share a single paid Internet login across your tablet, laptop and smartphone by connecting all your devices to Trek. And because it’s your own personalized connection, your devices always connect using the same login and password - no more setting up new profiles for every device, every time you connect.

Netgear desk img.jpg

2. Add Security to Public WiFi Hotspots

With NETGEAR Trek you can create a secure, private firewall protected network for all of your devices when you connect to public hotspots.

3. Create a WiFi Hotspot in Hotel Rooms

At the mercy of a single wired connection in your hotel room that can't connect to your tablet or smart phone? With Trek, turn a single wired connection into a secure, reliable WiFi hotspot for all your devices.

4.Boost the Signal of Weak Public WiFi Hotspots

Extend the signal of existing WiFi so you’ll be sure to have a strong, reliable signal whether you're in the back corner of the coffee shop or the 20th story of the hotel.

5. Charge Your Smartphone or Tablet

With flexible charging options, Trek has you covered. The convenience of a wallplug design means you can avoid the hassle of carrying another power adapter in your bag, or use the USB to power Trek with your laptop. As a bonus you can even use Trek to charge your mobile device via the USB port.

6. Easy and Compact WiFi Router

Use NETGEAR Trek as a compact N300 WiFi router for fast connections throughout your home.

7. Boost Your Existing WiFi

Get rid of those frustrating dead spots in your home. Trek can boost your existing WiFi to help extend the signal with N300 speed.

8. Create New WiFi Access

Connect to an existing Internet provider gateway and create a WiFi access point.

9. Connect a Wired Device Wirelessly

Universal Ethernet-to-WiFi bridge to connect wired devices via WiFi.