Everyone's Doing It: Platinum Blonde, Here I Come!

With Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto both debuting platinum blond locks yesterday, we're ready to spring into action! We asked O&M Technical Director Wayne Lewis to share a few tips on making the change.

Blonde at Balmain

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Can anyone go platinum? "Generally, ladies with cooler skin tones look best platinum, and if you were blonde as a child, you would generally make a great blonde!" advises Wayne. "If you're at all hesitant about trying this bold color, just hit a wig store and have a try-on session."

You've made the decision, you're going to do it. What should you keep in mind? "You have to be cautious of what state your hair is in before you start the process. If you have a lot of old hair color in your locks, it's best to do it in stages to avoid chemical overload. I'd also recommend you stop coloring your hair and get it into the best shape it can be in. Using a protein mask for a few months prior can help." Try O&M The Power Base, which rebuilds and strengthens hair from the inside out with Wheat Protein acting as a reconstruction agent for weakened hair and Apricot Kernel Oil and Shea Butter to moisturize and nourish the hair's exterior.

But these two went platinum overnight! "This all depends on the health of your hair, how much your hair can take. Thicker, healthier hair tends to handle it in one go, whereas finer, softer hair tends to work better in stages."


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I did it. I'm blonde! Now what should I do to maintain the color? "A soft violet shampoo like O&M Conquer Blonde Shampoo is a wonderful tool for blondes to keep away the unwanted brass. I'd also recommend an intense treatment mask after the process to help settle the color in." To help restore hair to a healthier condition, Wayne recommends O&M Seven Day Miracle, an intense moisture mask formulated with restorative active ingredients such as Macadamia Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Certified Organic Argan Oil.

Any last bits of advice? "Don't forget to get a cut! It's always good to get the color first and once complete, have a fresh haircut to ensure the hair looks its best post-color."