Anti-Aging Secret Ingredients: Elite Eye Serum #eliteserumrx

Tired of looking tired? Us too! We tried Elite Serum, a leading anti aging product going on five years.  The formula includes the best imported peptide ingredients such as Argireline, which was raved about on the Dr. Oz Show.  Targeting dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, and bags, this is an all around skin rejuvenatior to be applied under the eyes twice daily. Why? Its all about the quality ingredients. Here, we will breakdown some of the active ingredients so you can see why its such a powerful treatment. 

1. Argireline

Argireline, the brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, it is considered by experts, including Dr. Oz, to be the best needle-free alternative to cosmetic injections. Argireline has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth, especially around the eyes. This was proven in a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002. In this report, it was demonstrated that a cream containing 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 used by healthy women volunteers reduced wrinkle depth up to 30 percent after 30 days of treatment. 

So how exactly can a peptide that you directly apply to the skin reduce wrinkles just like a cosmetic injection?

As an alternative to topical injections, Argireline triggers the relaxation of the muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines around the eyes. This hexapeptide mimics the N-terminal end of SNAP-25 and competes with this natural protein for a position in the SNARE complex. As a result, neurotransmitters are not released efficiently and facial contractions are weakened and muscles relaxed. This inhibits the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.

2. Red & Green Seaweed Extract
Natural seaweed extracts uniquely function to target glycation and preserve the skin's natural collagen. In in-vitro tests, these extracts have been shown to inhibit skin degrading enzymes and the glycation process. Glycation is triggered when the naturally occurring sugar molecules in the skin bond to a protein or lipid molecule without the controlling action of an enzyme. The resulting glycation process impairs the functioning of biomolecules, which weakens the skin structure at a cellular level, leading to a less firm surface and a greater tendency towards wrinkling.

In addition, studies have shown that natural seaweed extracts inhibit elastase and collagen, two enzymes linked to the break down of the structural proteins found in the skin. As the in vivo tests also demonstrated, it is able to inhibit a range of viruses entering cells, and as such it is the ideal ingredient for therapeutic facial cleanser.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is the key for maintaining water substances in human skin. Due to aging, natural Hyaluronan concentration in the skin decreases at an alarmingly increasing rate over time. Accordingly, the skins ability to maintain moisture is weakened, and it gives the appearance of being dry and rough.

When Hyaluronic Acid is applied back to the skin, it penetrates the dermis, combines with water, and promotes micro circulation and nutrient absorption. It forms an air permeable layer, to keep the skin moist and smooth. The result is a rapid skin rejuvenation, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, crows feet and other cosmetic signs of age around the eyes caused by sun exposure, smoking, stress, and other common factors

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the newest injectable facial treatment gels designed to slow and hide the effects of aging.

With no injection needed,  it works on areas where painful cosmetic injections can not. Want to try this powerful eye serum? Visit: