Travel Must Have: Exercise Stretch Bands

If you want to get active and moving, sometimes the approach might be to try something new. For me I fell in love with resistance bands when I went to physical therapy.  I recently got the

Fitteroy Flat Resistance Bands (with Door Anchor), the set includes 3 Bands (Light, Medium, and Heavy), Door Anchor, and Illustrated Instruction Sheet.

Fitteroy resistance bands are made from the highest quality natural rubber latex for ultimate durability and elasticity. Ideal for strength training exercises, pilates, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Also, a great alternative to conventional weights and heavy exercise equipment.

Not familiar? Resistance bands are designed to work well for people of all fitness levels and abilities. The resistance provided by the elastic band is based on the amount the band is stretched, as well as the thickness of the band. Unlike free weights, resistance bands provide the exerciser with constant tension on the muscles. This allows you to focus on both the concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) portion of the exercise resulting in more complete muscle stimulation.

Fitteroy resistance bands come in a standard length of 5 ft. They offer a smooth and consistent stretch every time. They work great at muscle toning and strengthening. Convenient and easy to use at the gym, home, office and on the go. Going on vacation? Need a convenient way to get a good workout? Look no further............Fitteroy™ Resistance Bands is the answer!