10 Tips For Curly Hair

Curl Fact: A perfect ringlet forms when a curl wraps around itself at least two and a half times.


Lately, our hair has been battling the weather and losing. So recently we tried the Curl Keeper Gel and were amazed with how much we loved the curl definition. The main reason is because how disappointed we were with our past gel experiences. 

The Curl Keeper Gel with panthenol gives ultimate holding power without flakiness or crispiness. The water-based formula leaves no product buildup and supports any curly hairstyle for longer. Great for scrunching curly hair, styling with brushes, blow-drying or drying naturally.

The right products alone, while important, aren't enough. 

If you're going to define your curls with gel (and possibly a combination of other products) here are some things to try:

1. To speed up drying time, once you have applied Curl Keeper all over and have squeezed some squishy curls, hang your head over and hold a damp towel (better than a dry one) on your hair without moving it for about 10 seconds to absorb excess moisture.

2. To build volume in curly hair, the best method is to scrunch the hair while drying. The more you play the bigger it gets. Scrunching will add volume, especially at the roots.

3. Using the correct shampoo and rinsing properly is one of the most important steps in the treating and controlling frizzy hair.

4. In order to appreciate the detangling performance of your conditioner, allow the treatment to perform it's function by leaving it in your hair long enough to adjust the Ph balance to the right level (Ph of 5.5). Usually 3-5 minutes.

5. Over-moisturizing with products that contain silicones can build up in your hair and repel water. This results in frizz chaos when the weather becomes humid. For dry frizzy hair use a light weight conditioner to evenly moisturize the curls without creating product build-up. 

6. After drying your hair, let it cool before you check to see if it's dry. Warm hair will feel dry but as it cools, you may notice that in fact it's still damp.

7. The main problem with frizzy hair is the more you play with it, the worse it gets. The more movement during the drying process will create more frizz. Try to avoid moving your curls around. If you must diffuse your curls, wait until your curls are surface dry and gradually increase heat. Letting your curls dry naturally is always the most effective way to achieving the perfect frizz-free curly hairstyle.

8. Keep up your cuts. Cutting the damaged frizzy ends will give a healthy overall look to your curls. It is important to make a point of booking an appointment regularly at the salon to get your hair trimmed to remove any damaged and frizzy ends. 

9. Glaze it up – Adding a colour that has shine to transparent frizzy end will make curly hair less frizzy. The hair will reflect more light and make it look healthier and richer. 

10. Weather Woes– On hot humid days, every curl type reacts differently and requires different styling techniques and curly hair products. For tight curls, humidity causes the hair to shrink and frizz up, making those curls very difficult to manage. Use styling cream to prevent those curls from shrinking, giving you well defined frizz-free looser curls. Loose wavy curls however, will achieve more defined curls and embrace the humidity.