Fun Recipes With Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

While everyone know that a Moscow Mule is a little lime with vodka and ginger beer. When you have a fabulous copper mug like this one by My Kitchen Concepts

This 100% Solid Copper Mug holds 16 Oz. Each is molded and hammered by experienced artisans from solid copper, then polished to perfection. The solid double wall construction keeps your drinks cold, and the smooth, round upper lip makes it spill proof. These mugs are intended for cold beverages. The mugs are not insulated. (Remember These Mugs Are NOT For Microwave Use and are NOT dishwasher safe).


Here is another recipe you can make and use your mug!

The Classic Martini


- Ice cubes

- 2 ½ ounces of gin

- ½ ounce dry vermouth

- Olive or Lemon twist for garnish


- Fill a cocktail shaker half way full with ice cubes

- Add the gin and vermouth. Shake well.

- Strain into Moscow mule mug.

- Garnish with olive or lemon