Upgrade Your Shower: Easy Ways To Spa At Home

Spend a little time indulging in a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with affordable favorites from Hotel SpaYardley LondonInstrumental Beauty and Lypsyl.  Now you can splurge on an alluring new heels for a hot date or a fun girls’ night out without breaking the bank! 

Start your at-home spa treatment with a soothing and relaxing shower. The HotelSpa Luxury Handheld Shower is designed in France and is very simple to install! It has 7 options to choose from including: Rain, Power Spray, Massage, Rain/Spray, Rain/Massage and Eco Rain. The Hand Held Showerhead has extra large 4.25" Brushed Nickel Face and comes with a 60" hose which grants amazing flexibility. It works as a hand held spray and as a normal shower head. It's totally DIY, there's no plumber needed since its designed for tool-free installation. Available on Amazon: 

Get a good clean using Yardley London Lavender & Rosemary Bath & Shower Gel ($4.99). Enriched with a blend of Lavender essential oils, this lightly-scented, skin-soothing bath and shower gel washes away stress and calms your mind.  

Add some power to your shower & exfoliate your skin with Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment System ($30.00), an oversized waterproof rotary body brush that removes flaky dead skin to reveal smooth, younger looking skin.


Before leaving the house, finish your pampering with a swipe of Lypsyl Lip Balm ($2.99), in Chamomile & Honey, Original Mint or HoneyBerry. Formulated with all-natural, pure Swedish Beeswax, and a combination of natural and therapeutic ingredients like organic Shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, Lypsyl provides unsurpassed moisture and lip protection.