This Old School Beauty Trick Might Save Your Hair

"In the 50's and 60's almost all women slept with a hairnet, even style icons like Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburnand Grace Kelly. I've noticed that women are getting tired of Botox and want to use old-fashioned and natural products again," Rachel de Boer of La Decollette says. 

La Decollette has just launched the Beautycap: a satin hair cap that protects the hair during the night. The idea is that women can prevent brittle and damaged hair by wearing a hair cap while sleeping, just like in the old days. 

The satin Beautycap protects the hair from rubbing against the pillow while sleeping, thus preventing wear and hair breakage. Due to a special satin fabric, made from natural fibers, the scalp is able to breathe and moisture levels stay balanced. De Boer had the hair cap tested by a modern style icon: former Miss Universe Netherlands Stephanie Tency. She sees a lot of benefits. "As a model and show host my hair is exposed to all kinds of exterior influences: blow-drying, curling, colouring etcetera. Since I am using the Beautycap I've noticed that my hair can rest at night and is able to recover," Tency says.

De Boer became popular with her anti-wrinkle bra, a nightbra with no cups that keeps women's breasts in place during the night. This prevents wrinkles in their cleavage. Survey of Paris research institute CERCO even proved that in a couple of weeks existing wrinkles disappear and the skin gets smooth again after wearing the bra. The anti-wrinkle bra was even recommended on the Ellen Show and can be purchased worldwide.

De Boer believes the Beautycap to cause a comeback of the hairnet. Women try to protect their hair with hairclips or ribbons during the night, but that offers no solution. "Due to rubbing against the pillow the hair is damaged when untied in the morning. Sleeping with a hair cap prevents that. It may not appear sexy, but the result sure is sexy," says De Boer.

What do you thing? Would you wear this bonnet to bed?