College Prep: College Bound & Gagged Review

Here is book that I wish I had when I was thinking about college: College Bound & Gagged Review. It is the best unusual college guide on the market. It is a condensed primer on the things you need to consider before you apply, the admission process and once you are admitted.

Students will learn how to: 
- Get paid for their college lecture notes 
- Get reviews on their colleges of interest 
- Be first in line for scholarships if they have a deceased parent 
- Obtain Gap / Bridge Year Resources 
- Go on college tours the right way 
- Get reviews on their college professors 
- Use certain websites to fund college expenses 
- Distinguish between a college and a university 
- Get their student loans forgiven based on their place of residence 
- Cut their textbook costs 
- Obtain tuition discounts, and much more! 

This college guide tells students what an academic adviser won't or can't. Students will learn about Education Compacts which can reduce a student's tuition and fees. Learn about what types of classes can raise grades. How to get short-term paid student work abroad. Learn of some tuition free and/or low-cost colleges and universities. Learn of Apps that college students love, and last but not least, there are three things students should not do that will lengthen their college years.

This guide should be used by educators, students and parents alike!