3 Tips To Reduce Hair Damage & KMS Quick Dry Giveaway

As with your body and your skin, having beautiful hair takes work. Hair needs good nutrition, minimal stress and of course, great grooming habits.

Here are 3 tips to reduce hair damage: 

1. Minimize Heat

Use styling products such as curling irons and hot rollers sparingly. If you use a hair dryer, set it to the coolest setting possible and do not concentrate the heat on one area of the scalp for a long period of time.  KMS Quick Dry really does speed up drying time, cutting about 1/2 the time off.  It also protects hair from the heat.  There are two parts to the formula, so shake well before spritzing.  Upper part is instant conditioning, lower phase is the quick drying formula.  To use: towel dry hair, spritz hair lightly, and  dry.  Enter to win at the bottom of this post.

2. Moisturize

If you have long hair, leave-in conditioner can help keep your tresses full of life. Cold weather in particular can disrupt the moisture balance of the scalp, so make sure to use conditioner in the winter months.

3. Treat

Give your hair the spa treatment. When it comes to restorative, indulgent beauty masques, why should your skin have all the fun? Give your locks a luxurious therapeutic spa treatment with a hair masque that is perfect for tresses in distress as well as healthy hair that just needs an occasional pick-me-up.