Brow Rules & Tools: Stainless Steel Luxury Tweezers #TweezerSet

Want wow brows? Check out our tips and tricks that can work for any type of brow need.

Rule 1:   the best brow shape for any person is determined by both the facial and eye shape. It is important for the eyebrows to frame both the eyes and face.

Face Shapes..........

·         SQUARE FACE - A Strong bold eyebrow  is best......or you can also go for a softer curved eyebrow shape to soften the face.   ( UMA THURMAN)

·         ROUND FACE - A slightly higher arched eyebrow with a long length is best without drooping the eyes .   ( VANESSA WILLIAMS)

·         OVAL FACE - A beautiful angles shaped eyebrow is most flattering by following the natural shape of the eyebrow.  ( JENNIFER ANISTON)

·         HEART SHAPED -  A lightly rounded eyebrow can help flatter even more the heart shaped face.  (  REESE WITHERSPOON)

·         WIDE SET EYES - Always keep eyebrows as close as possible. Try not to over lengthen the tail end of the eyebrow. A slightly shorter end is key. (JESSICA ALBA)

·         CLOSE SET EYES -  I always use the measuring rule of keeping the eyebrows  between 1inch and 1 1/2 inches from each other. In this case you can start brows a few hairs further from the inner corner of the eyes.


Rule 2:  No overtweezing- toss the magnifying mirrors!  You can tell you have over tweezed when you have made a hole in the eyebrows the disconnects the lines of the shape or by shortening too much the tail end of the eyebrows.. Over all, when the eyebrows do not help to frame the eyes......something has been damaged to the eyebrow shape.  But if you have overtweezed and hairs are far and few between- many of my clients recommend using the eyelash product LATISSE....though the box says not to apply the product on eyebrows many published dermatologists have been quoted as saying that many clients use it for brows, but consult with a doctor first.


Rule 3:  No overtrimming.  Overtrimming has sort of replaced overtweezing in the world of brows.  In an effort to be well groomed- you can be overzealous in trimming.  The result are brows that appear cut down and thin.  Simply brush hairs up with a lash comb and trim slight.  Less is more!


Rule 4: Always go to a Professional Eyebrow Shaper for your first visit to determine the shape and style for your eyebrows. This way you can be on a schedule should you need to grow out the brows or come in every few weeks or months to keep your brows in perfect shape.


Rule 5:  Invest in good products if you are going to do your own brows. 

·         Luxury Tweezers like these available on amazon. 

·         CHANEL "Soft Brown" Eyebrow Pencil to fill in brows- is a universally flattering shade