BioTerra Herbs, Immunity (zap) Herbal Supplement Review #goherbal

Have you heard of BioTerra Herbs? They are new herbal supplement company that focuses on natural, vegan and clean products with a dash of humor.

I tried the Immunity (zap) Herbal Supplement because let's face it,
everybody has a nemesis.

Superman has Lex Luthor; Luke has Darth Vader; the dog has the mailman. And you? We’re guessing it’s getting sick. Don’t let anything keep you from your epic quest of awesomeness. Let our mind-blowing blend of herbs be your sidekick! It’ll be great! (Just no tights, please… but the cape is cool.) Zap those cooties and boost your immune system for less achoos, less sniffles and more planet-saving adventures!

  • -Supports immune system & response*
    -Non-GMO Project Verified, Naturally Gluten-free, Vegan

Be one of the first to try our Vision (zoom) product! It's all natural: keep in mind that herbal products take some time and have to "build" in your system. Please allow 2 weeks to feel the full effect of our products. 

The Herb Deets...
Astragalus (root),
Bai-zhu Atractylodes (rhizome),
Siler (root)

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules after a meal once per day as dietary supplement.

Please check with health professionals before you try our products (especially if you are taking other medications). If you have any allergies related to these herbs or other plant families please be cautious! It is best to discontinue use if you observe unwanted effects or reactions.