Louis Vuitton At Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016

The Spring-Summer 2016 Louis Vuitton runway show at Paris Fashion Week lead with the idea that:   « The only limit is your imagination. »

The vocabulary of virtual worlds beckons us to initiate a quest, a maiden voyage, a heroic journey in which the protagonist gains strength, wisdom and character every step of the way. “Heroic Fantasy” is the perfect term to define these fabulous journeys.

Fashion also participates in this same voyage of self-knowledge, freedom and discovering one’s own personalities.

This spring-summer 2016 collection is about stylistic role-playing, where the heroine passes through various sartorial levels and explores a universe of multiple atmospheres.

In passing through these aesthetic levels, the entire evolution of a classic, urban wardrobe is gradually remastered, rooted in the illusion of materials that are, in fact, very real: linen, silk, leather, python and shagreen are “re-loaded” by the celebrated Maison’s “savoir-faire”.

With every world that our heroine experiences, the silhouette, constantly evolving, seeks to answer a question. Gender fluidity? Modern romance? The power of the body? Absolute femininity?

Louis Vuitton sets off to conquer the fascinating territory that is today’s woman, a complement of strength and fragility. And it offers up an exhilarating challenge: “The adventure depends on you.”

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