How To Get Rid Of A Muffin Top Instantly

Sure diet and exercise are essential but it can take a while (longer than you'd like) to see results. That's why women have turned to fajas, girdles and shapewear for ages. However, one persistent issue with these slimming garments is often what happens outside the piece. Yes, its all smoothed underneath but what about that sliver of skin between your Spanx and your bra...hello, backfat! Enter HookedUp Shapewear, You're gonna want your very own, so we're doing a giveaway (details at the end of the post).

So what makes HookedUp so different? The patent-pending design and hooking system eliminates the space between your bra and shapewear, completely ending rolling down, back fat, muffin top and discomfort. It's so easy to wear (and get on).  Before wearing, connect the hooks to the back straps of your bra.  With bra connected, step into the shapewear and pull up the same way you would with a one piece bathing suit.  Fasten the closure of your bra...and you're done!  If you still need help, there is a video:  "How To Get HookedUp" video by clicking here.



-No Rolling - Hooks to your favorite bra so it can’t roll down!

-No Back Fat - No gap between your bra and your shapewear, so nothing will ever "pop out!"

-No Muffin top - stays up so muffin top disappears

-No Discomfort - because it can't roll, there's no digging or pinching…just all day long comfort!

-Love your bra?  No problem!  HookedUp Shapewear works with what's already in your closet! Nursing bra, minimizer bra or super-duper, sexy push-up - just hooked it to your favorite and you're done!

-Hate layers and visible straps?   No problem!  When HookedUp shapewear is hooked to your bra…you can’t even see it!  There's no layers or visible straps that create lumps and bumps under your clothes.

-Can't find the right fit?  We offer sizes up to 3x in three style (high waist brief, high waist mid-thigh and high waist slip)!

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