Khloé Kardashian's Big Secret Revealed! #INeedSparkle

In case you missed it Khloé Kardashian shared she had a secret obsession...Check out my #ineedsparkle post here.

Hey  Khloé ! Love those shoes!!!

Hey Khloé! Love those shoes!!!

Causing her to want to get all sparkled up. It's finally time to see what she was so excited about! Now, Let's Meet Sparkle.

This is why we love Khloe, she's not obsessed over a guy but instead it her favorite party beverage! 

I recently learned Hpnotiq Sparkle’s tagline is “A lot of bubble, and a little trouble.” Part of the excitement of Hpnotiq Sparkle is the moment when the cork pops and the liquid bubbles up. My favorite part of the video is the gathering of friends and celebrating a good time!

FYI: There is a limited supply of Hpnotiq Sparkle and it is only available from October- December. But, If Hpnotiq Sparkle isn’t available Hpnotiq and champagne is another fab, celebratory cocktail.


Are you as enamored with Khloe as we are? If you could ask Khloe one question what would it be? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

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