Hair Remedies to Survive NYFW

The styles seen on the runways at NYFW inspire our hair aspirations for weeks to come. From ombré to braids to the perfect tousled wave, we go to great lengths to replicate the runway looks.

Experimentation is great, but before you reach for that hot iron, bleach or extensions, take a minute to think about the consequences – be ready with a repair strategy…

“Go to your stylist with a realistic, wearable vision for change,” says Rebecca Kazin, MD, FAAD, dermatologist and founder of H+ Haircare. “Extreme colors and avant-garde styles are challenging care for and coif. Studies show that many models wear wigs and extensions on the runway.”

If you just can’t resist mirroring that runway look, keep Dr. Kazin’s tips in mind:

Ombré & Sombre – These styles require bleaching the ends of hair, which are already the driest and most damaged. The healthiest hair is the hair closest to your scalp. Keep hair within one shade lighter than your natural color to minimize damage.

Extensions & Wigs – These hair enhancers cause cuticle damage and breakage, plus the friction and stress put on your hair hurts the quality. Apply all extensions to dry hair to avoid excessive damage/loss and style with cool air.

Heat Styling – Whether you’re straightening, curling, crimping or waving, hot air leads to chronic damage to cuticle, frizz and burned tresses. Get to the root of the problem with a hydrating scalp mask. Mix avocado and coconut oil into a paste and apply to hair. Put a warm towel over the mask and leave on overnight for a nourishing moisture and vitamin infusion.

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