Guess Where You'll Wanna Shop Now For Beauty Favorites? #DivinaLatinaSC

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As a reporter and blogger covering New York Fashion Week being and feeling red carpet ready is extremely important. 

This season alone I covered 25 shows, and conducted over 100 interviews with VIP's in fashion: designers, models, celebs, hair stylist, makeup artists, nail pros, skincare gurus and anyone else that is linked to the events of the week.  

Each day is a different schedule: Monday I've got to be backstage to interview a designer at 7am then at 8am checkout the models, hair, nails and makeup teams...wait before I start really rambling what I like to do is plan out the week in advance as much as possible to keep organized ("Ha!" Said the fashion gods) but also so I have a visual of my schedule.  I also try to coordinate my fashion and beauty looks in advance but the weather gods that rule the NYC must love jokes because it went from sweltering to cool in just a few days...oh and let's not forget about the rain. So I really have to keep my beauty essentials in order so my hair and skin are red carpet ready for those on-camera interviews! 


Not to mention, after the shows there were still glamorous errands to run like laundry and groceries. When I heard that Divina Latina partnered with Sam’s Clubs nationwide to offer their products (TRESemme, Caress, POND’s and Degree) in stores!!! No longer do I have to run to the local pharmacy for my favorite beauty products, because they are now available at Sam’s Club as well!  

The Divina Latina standout products I use for red carpet moments include:

  • Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo + Conditioner

  • Caress Body Wash

  • Degree MotionSense Deodorant

  • POND's Crema S


Let's start with hair! I love a good blowout, but I love it even more when it last for more than a day before it starts to frizz. When I use Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner I find I get sleek and smooth hair with less frizz. That means my hair is more manageable and easier to style. Major style points!

POND’S Crema S is a 'not so secret' secret of mine. There's something to be said for natural makeup, I love it but it doesn't work on camera. That usually means more makeup. My skin is ok most of the time, but sometimes it get so sensitive that everything stings, especially face wash and makeup remover. I use POND’S Crema S because it nourishes skin and gives me 24-hour moisture. Its also dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic so it won't irritate my skin. 

Caress Body Wash is perfect whether I need a quick shower or want to take a bubble bath. It has and  great lather that leaves skin delicately scented.

Degree MotionSense Deodorant has this MOTIONSENSE technology releases bursts of freshness, keeping you protected longer. The idea is the more you move the more it protects. I am constantly putting this deo to the test (I sweat quite a bit) and it helps to keep me cool! 

Want to find your nearest Sam's Club? Click here for the Sam’s Clubs nationwide store locator.