Khloé Kardashian Konfession: #INeedSparkle

Have You Heard? Khloé Kardashian: "I Confess. I Need Sparkle

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

The star shares her desire for all things sparkle in a new video. She also reveals she has someone new in her life named: Sparkle! In order to get ready for a big event (introducing Sparkle to the world) Khloé asks her assistant help her find the perfect outfit and accessories with enough sparkle. #INeedSparkle

I respect the fact she thinks diamond encrusted lashes might impair her vision! Though, I do know from personal experience that you can blink and with blinged-out lashes. 

So sassy! Khloe knows butterflies are reserved for Mariah Carey! Every time I see a butterfly accessory, I always want to sing "Butterfly" and sometimes do too!

There are very specific occasions where tiaras are appropriate. Unless you're Barbie, of course!

Here's one I dont agree on! This dress doesn't sparkle enough?! I have to agree with her assistant, she's not gonna find anything unless its a chandelier.

Be sure to visit and check back on September 25th for the reveal of the 2nd video!

My favorite thing from the video: I love how much she loves her Christian Louboutin shoes!

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