4 Ways To Stay Motivated About Fitness #CarefreeChallenge

This post is sponsored by Carefree® #CarefreeChallenge, however all opinions are all my own.

Are you committed to exercising? Whether your answer is 'Yes' or 'No' the first step to get exercise into your daily routine is to decide to do it. The next step is action, and finally commitment. It takes 30 days to form a habit!

Are you ready for the Carefree® #CarefreeChallenge? 

There are several ways to get your mind and body in gear! 

1. Buddy System – Grab a like-minded partner in fitness. When you have someone counting on you its harder to back out of that spin class or jog in the park. Have kids? Don't be a bench warmer! Go for a bike ride and spend quality time while being active as a family. 


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2. Get The Right Fit - Make sure your clothes are performing as well as you are. No, this is not an excuse to buy more leggings! Rather, take inventory and make sure your fitness still fits properly. That means make sure your sneakers are in good shape, your sports bra offers your the right support, and your leggings are not see through when you move. The key is comfort.

3. Try Something New - When we open ourselves up to trying something new we get to test our limits and learn more about how much further we can go. Challenge yourself to do something that you never thought you could or would do. You might be surprised to learn its was something you just never knew you could do. YOLO, anyone?

4. Do it! – Discipline yourself to be physically active. Make sure you explore your limits and listen to your body so you don’t overdo it. Set realistic goals and remember to be your biggest cheerleader!

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Visit the #CarefreeChallenge from August 12th, 2014 - September 10th, 2014 for tips and ideas on how to stay fresh longer.

Remember there are daily prizes too! Today's prize: a $100 gift card from a top online retailer! Good luck! Be sure to share your tips on staying motivated in the comments below.