Are Runners More Tech Savvy?

To celebrate National Running Day, Brooks Running Company connected with runners across the country to find out what its favorite sports means to others. The company’s second annual Brooks Run Happy Nation Report, reveals the positive (and sometimes steamy) impact of running both on and off the road.

Running has the power to get the muscles in our brain working. Have you ever hit the pavement in search of inspiration? You’re not alone. The survey found 83% of respondents agree they come up with their best ideas while running. So, the next time you get stuck, lace up those shoes and hit the road.

More fun revelations about motivators, must-have gear were uncovered just as the temperature heats up for summer running season:


Tapping into technology on the running path is a must for most:

  • Always connected? An overwhelming majority (78%) of respondents consider technology a running staple. That number rockets to 92% among the younger generation (18-24).
  • Smartphones lead the pack as the must-have piece of running technology for 41%, with iPod (36%) and stopwatch (19%) closely following.
  • Asked to pick a top tune to play on repeat for all 26.2 miles of their marathon, 59% chose the classic “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.


Runners have strong opinions about when, where, and with whom they run:

  • When? Early risers lead the bunch with 42% preferring to run before the sun rises. Scattered Sprinters – those who run whenever they have the time – follow with 29%, trailed by Lunchtime Lungers (16%) and Night Owls (12%).
  • Where? Open trails and scenic views are calling. Forty two percent have, at least once, picked a vacation for its bevvy of running options.
  • Who? Partnering up is preferable, with 59% saying a jog with a buddy makes it easier to stay on track.