It’s 2014 Stop Sorting! Laundry Made Easy (With Purex No Sort)

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When I was growing up I remember doing laundry with my mom we’d make it fun. Sometimes even doing mini-workouts in the laundry room. Which I still try to do now! What wasn’t fun? All the sorting.  But thats how we did it in the old days! 

We’d separate lights and darks into separate washes.  It was tedious and we still encountered color bleeding accidents from a rogue red t-shirt or sock that mixed in with white towels and sheets…You already know the equation: camiseta roja + toallas blancas = todo rosa

I was shopping at Walmart and came across this new product: Purex No Sort detergent.

Purex No Sort #AD.jpg

It was created to make laundry easier. Now, you can get rid of that old notion that sorting is an essential part of the laundry routine! It’s 2014 technology has advanced. Purex uses breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology which traps loose dyes in the wash and does not let them settle onto other fabrics.  As a result you can simplify your laundry routine by doing less sorting and less loads.

This doesn’t mean not to watch out for new items that color rich. The back label reads “Purex No Sort detergent is packed with innovation, but it can’t perform miracles, so please follow these words of advice: wash strongly colored fabrics or new pieces of clothing, especially jeans, separately at least 5 times before doing a mixed color load with Purex No Sort detergent.” Fair enough.

“The Rules Have Changed” #LaundrySimplified #CollectiveBias

Now that I’m all grown up and not doing laundry for the entire familia, the amount of laundry I do is less and a smaller amount of loads. Here’s the problem with that: pre- Purex® No Sort™ for Colors I would wait until I have enough white & lights to do a separate load and it takes a long time for it to add up to a load. Now, I my laundry routine had been simplified since using it.

Now when I do laundry, I still do some light stretches to make laundry fun and keep moving!

Quality products at a great value are important whether you do laundry daily or weekly.

Any product that helps to save you time is one I am a fan of. Having quality time for yourself and family is priceless.

What am I doing with the time and money I am saving on laundry?

I am taking a ballet class at Joffrey Ballet in NYC. As you can see I like to stretch! Now maybe I'll learn how to plie chasse jete all day, even while doing laundry!

Always remember: Lo que no cuesta dinero siempre es bueno.

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