How To Stay Healthy While You Travel With First Aid Shot Therapy

Managing your health on the road can be a challenge – whether you’re on the final leg of a long business trip; on a relaxing beach vacation; or on carpool duty – when a headache or heart burn and indigestion strike it seems we never have a fast enough remedy…until now!!

I have been traveling so much this past month and had the chance to try First Aid Shot Therapy. 

Did you know over 75 million Americans are suffering from pain today? Headaches, muscle ache and lower back pain are some of the most common complaints experienced.

I'm certainly no exception to that number. I get tension headaches and the stress of travel does thing to make my body ache sometimes. When you’re suffering from pain it’s hard to keep moving as quickly as you want to. First Aid Shot Therapy has developed this solution in a single-dose liquid medication that helps you relieve pain and upset stomach FAST – and they fit conveniently in your suitcase, carry-on bag or purse!! No need to search for pills or spring for an over-priced bottle of water to wash them down! 

When I tried First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief I first noticed the berry tasting flavor was easy to take and I started to feel that release of the tension.

It offers a different kind of pain relief by combining Choline Salicylate (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug - NSAID) and Caffeine (pain relief aid)

From the website:


Choline Salicylate – a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat pain - similar to aspirin but working up to 5 times faster. Choline Salicylate is stable in a liquid form (unlike aspirin). This relieves the minor aches and pains caused by a variety of conditions including arthritis, tendinitis, headaches, cramps or general pain. It also reduces fever. Choline salicylate works by blocking the action of cyclo-oxygenase in the body, stopping the production of several chemicals including prostaglandins, which can cause pain and inflammation. By blocking cyclo-oxygenase, choline salicylate prevents the formation of prostaglandins, and reduces the pain they cause.

Caffeine – known to increase alertness, decrease fatigue, and improve muscle coordination. More importantly, caffeine can make pain relievers more effective in treating pain as it increases the response rate to pain killers. F.A.S.T. pain relief contains 65mgs of caffeine, an amount equivalent to approximately half a cup of coffee.

For my next road trip I will keep both First Aid Shot Therapy Upset Stomach and First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief just in case. See more on:


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