New Cook Book: 101 Healthy Vegan Asian Food

The most amazing collections of delicious Asian vegan recipes for a healthy lifestyle! 

101 original, easy and delicious healthy vegan recipes from 10 different countries (Appetizers, Soups, Main dishes & Desserts ) 

After the dizzying success of the three previous bestsellers, Jonathan Vine’s fourth cookbook is mainly for people who are crazy about Asian food and, on the other hand, want to maintain a healthy and harmonious vegan diet. 

In 101 Healthy Vegan Asian Food you will find: 
1. Chapter 1: Healthy Asian vegan appetizers recipes 
2. Chapter 2: Super easy Asian vegan soups recipes 
3. Chapter 3: Amazing Asian vegan main dishes recipes 
4. Chapter 4: Original Asian Vegan desserts 

So, if you want to taste the abundance of flavors Asian cuisine offers while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, this is the book for you!!