The Perfect Scale For Weight Loss: EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale


Many New Year Resolutions for 2015 are going to include leading a healthier lifestyle, including losing weight and eating healthier! According to a recent Gallup poll, only half of those wanting to lose weight are actually trying. With weight loss typically on the top of many New Year's resolutions, we've got six tips to help you beat the odds and stick to it into January and beyond.

  1. Make the resolution realistic.  Losing ten pounds in two weeks is probably not going to happen.  Most people don't gain weight overnight -- the same follows for losing the weight. While a more realistic goal of losing one to two pounds a week may not sound substantial, it is more attainable.
  2. Keep it simple, specific, and achievable.  Instead of saying "This year I vow to lose 30 pounds" say "By May, I want to lose five pounds."  Setting and reaching smaller intermittent, more attainable goals encourages reaching for the larger goal. Most importantly, choose a healthy weight. The Calorie Control Council healthy weight calculator can help.
  3. Cut calories by making simple substitutions.  Tune down the calories in favorite foods by using the lower calorie versions at restaurants (see the Council's restaurant guide) or by substituting low calorie sweeteners at home.  Cutting 150 calories a day alone over the course of a year could result in a five to ten pound weight loss.  
  4. Lose the "quick fix" mentality and go for a lifestyle change.  Swearing off carbs and desserts may be doable for a month or so, but it's probably not something most people can stick with over the long term.  Short-term strategies can result in weight loss, but chances are good that if it is not a lifestyle change, the weight will eventually creep back. "Making changes that you can live with long term is the key to not only weight loss but also weight maintenance," said the Beth Hubrich, RD and Exec. Dir. of the Council.
  5. Be more active, all the time and everywhere.  Hitting the gym and working with a personal trainer are great, but there are other ways to "sneak in" physical activity and burn calories.  Park farther away from the store, walk children to a play date instead of driving and take the stairs instead of the elevator.  (The Council's exercise calculator shows calories burned during walking and other activities.)
  6. Track your progress. You use fitness apps and food logs to keep you on track of your movement and diet. Why not also use a good scale to see your improvements. We love the EatSmart Precision Tracker as a tool to accomplish these 2015 New Year Resolution goals in the New Year.  

    What the Tracker Does – Whether you are looking to gain or lose, this high-tech digital bathroom scale is an essential tool in weight management. The Precision Tracker gives users the ability to work towards long term weight goals, while monitoring short term progress — often the motivational tool needed to achieve success. Innovative features include: 
  • Sleek design and touch screen interface, along with rave reviews for its “smart scale” look.
  • At each weigh in, the scale will display three readings: current weight, weight change from the last weigh in, and total change from starting weight.  
  • Automatic User Identification: privately stores personal data for up to 8 users and automatically identifies the person standing on the scale.

 An exceptional value at $44.95 (  
the Precision Tracker  reinforces the belief that weight management is not a quick fix but part of a long term commitment to a healthy lifestyle. 

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