Boost Your Success in 2015 With A Planner by Tools4Wisdom

Its 2015 are you ready to start the year off right? If you want success you have to plan for it! 

My suggestion is this top rated planner by Tools4Wisdom. See for yourself by searching for "planner" on and sorting by "Average Customer Review"

I've had all kinds of planners of all different prices but this one is very different. Tools4Wisdom is actively working together with active volunteers from Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) to evolve and continuously launch new features of next-generation planners. 

The Weekly Planner helps you lay out each week, with space on each double page to list the MAJOR outcomes you want, steps to accomplish those outcomes and creative ideas to enhance your life. You can even list each task by priority—(Urgent + Important, Important + Not Urgent or Urgent + Not-So-Important), to help you decide what really matters. 

In other sections, Tools4Wisdom asks questions about your goals, your dreams and how your life will ultimately look, so you can answer—finding answers you may never have known were inside you. We want you to discover what makes your heart sing!

Most important, the very act of writing on paper stimulates new creative thinking. So the more you write by hand in your Weekly Planner, the more new ideas you will inspire. And being able to literally hold your year in your hand is the key.

Tools4Wisdom is based in the belief that when you put your mind where your heart is, life comes into focus.  

Get a Tools4Wisdom Planner for yourself or your loved ones via Amazon Prime Shipping at

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