Red Carpet Beauty: Lupita Nyong'o at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Award

Actress and Lancôme Ambassadress, Lupita Nyong’o attended the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York. 

Lupitas’s vampy liquid gold lip and winged eye look was created by celebrity makeup artist .


INSPIRATION: “I wanted Lupita’s makeup to feel vampy and opulent to echo her Versace dress. This look gives glamorous female villain vibes with winged eyes and liquid gold lips,” says Nick Barose.

Lupita Nyong'o - Kevin Mazur.jpg







5 Beauty Time Saving Saviors

While you can’t change the clock to add more hours to the day, you can make more time by shortening your beauty routine – and still look fabulous! Make sure to look for multi-function products to minimize your minutes in front of the mirror and don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out which products you really need. Because let’s face it – there’s no room in your life for one-hit wonders.



Remember that time you forgot your makeup bag and tried to use your shimmery lip gloss from your purse as an eyeshadow? Wasn’t the best option! Stick with products intended for and designed for dual use, instead of making due in a pinch. Choose a clear or tinted mascara meant for lashes or as a brow gel, a powder that doubles as a bronzer or a foundation that’s also a concealer. And be on the lookout for multi-purpose sticks that can stand in for cheek, lip and eye color – you’ll be ready to go in seconds!

Moisturizer +

Moisturizers are one of the best products that pack more than one benefit. Snag a moisturizer with SPF so you don’t need to put on a separate sunscreen, and at night, pick one with anti-aging ingredients and forgo a serum. A scented moisturizer is also a great way to get a fragrance fix without needing to carefully spritz your favorite perfume. And don’t forget BB creams! Many of the so-called Blemish Balms are in the tinted moisturizer family, offering foundation coverage, moisturization and acne-fighting ingredients in just one tube.

Ready to go

Another way to save time in the AM is to have all your products organized and ready to go. Chefs call this method “mise en place” – getting everything you will need in its place beforehand. Clean out your makeup drawer, trashing what you don’t use to make it easy to spot your favorite products. Store your items in a pretty container for quick access, and wash and keep your brushes and sponges squeaky clean for a flawless application.

Eliminate the wait

Why wait for great results? Look for products that can cut your time spent beautifying in half. For instance, opt for the latest nail polish shade in a one-coat variety for a quick application, or think outside the box – try press-on nails so you don’t need to wait for them to dry at all! Invest in a high-quality, fast-acting hair dryer to go from soaking wet to smooth and dry in minutes – or add a hair cream to your locks after a shower, then loosely braid your hair and and let it dry naturally for beachy waves.

Skip it!

While there are plenty of occasions to spend hours getting ready – big dates! Weddings! Nights out with the girls! – some days it’s okay to hit the snooze button again and skip the full routine. A mist of dry shampoo, a touch of foundation/concealer, a swipe of mascara and a dab of lip gloss and you can be out the door in no time!


Indie Beauty: Why Milk Makeup Went Vegan

Milk Beauty is now 100% vegan! Why is that important? “There is no animal product or byproduct that doesn’t have a safe natural or synthetic alternative,” explains co-founder and COO Dianna Ruth. The brand has also been cruelty-free since day one.

unnamed (3).jpg

Because the world throws a lot at you, including tons of gross toxins, Milk Makeup strives to be clean. What does that mean? Clean beauty products are devoid of ingredients like parabens, sulfates, SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, mineral oil, or talc. These ingredients are questionable for your health and have no place on your face. 

"When we started Milk Makeup, we all had young kids, which makes you hyper-aware of all the toxicity in the world. We wanted to use healthy ingredients that we felt great about, especially if our kids got their hands on the products,” says Co-Founder and Creative Director Georgie Greville on creating the brand with COO Dianna Ruth and Co-Founder Zanna Roberts Rassi.  

Here are some of our favorites from Milk Makeup!

One Down Syndrome Supermodel's Story of Inspiration

With today being World Down Syndrome Day we wanted to spotlight the inspiring story of supermodel, activist and inspiration Madeline Stuart. 


Modeling is not easy. It takes commitment, time and discipline. But Madeline takes all that and adds passion, breaking boundaries and overcoming what some would see as a disadvantage. 

51 - 6C5A1756.jpg.jpg

Madeline is proof that anything is possible. Doctors once told her mom she would never amount to anything because she has Down syndrome, but 21 years later, she continues to prove them wrong while inspiring thousands along the way. She was just featured in Vogue Australia and is currently taking Europe by storm, walking the runways at London and Paris Fashion Week. Today, on World Down Syndrome Day, she is getting ready to meet Albania's president to show off her collection. 


She is starting 2018 the fittest she's ever been. She committed to healthy eating and exercising, working out 6 days a week with a personal trainer and sprinkles in time on the basketball court and on the field playing cricket. She's lost over 50 pounds... an especially challenging goal for someone with Down syndrome.

Her love for modeling and inspiring others with disabilities to stay healthy and fit keeps her going. Today, Madeline’s striking photographs have been seen by millions around the world. She’s been featured in major magazines and newspapers including Vogue, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day to name a few.

54 - 6C5A1740.jpg.jpg

Next on her to-conquer list is a bikini shoot. For now she plans to continue to rock the runways at Milan Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week and in Istanbul. 

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Self-Love Gift Guide: 5 Valentine's Day Items To Gift Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is quickly sneaking up on us, and we wanted to share some easy ways to show yourself some love! While you are priceless, we know you can treat yourself and score a great deal that's why everything on this list is under $40 too!

Danya B. Sweetheart Iron Heart-shaped Bud Vase (7478936).jpg

Add flowers! It doesn't even take more than a few to brighten up a room. We love this Danya B. Sweetheart Iron Heart-shaped Bud Vase from

Gibson® Camerano Bamboo Bed Tray (7890829).jpg

Get ready for breakfast in bed (even if you make it for yourself) with the Gibson® Camerano Bamboo Bed Tray available at

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JCPenney Home Feathersoft Throw (7200759).jpg

Power your home with Google with the Google Home Mini from


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