Weekend Review: Bacardi Brings the Sound of Rum To New York at the Governors Ball Music

BACARDÍ Presents CASA BACARDÍ at Day 1 of the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York

This year I was so excited to head to the Governors Ball Music Festival! I got the VIP experience thanks to CASA BACARDÍ! This year, BACARDÍ brought the Sound of Rum to the Gov Ball!

I was so happy to see Majid Jordan, Lorde and Chance the Rapper perform. I spent most of my day at CASA BACARDÍ, located next to the Bacardi Stage. In the custom event space there were many surprise performances, cocktails, comfortable seating, and stage views from the roof. The newest flavor release from the brand, BACARDÍ Banana, was also in the mixalong with other specialty cocktails.

Next door, on the Bacardi Stage, performers like Danny Brown and Majid Jordan had the

tent filled with festival-goers all day and night. Headliner Chance The Rapper also made a

surprise drop in at the Bacardi Stage when he popped up for friend Francis and the Lights’

set in the afternoon. He later brought them out on the main stage, where they performed

their collaboration ‘May I Have This Dance’ during his show.

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Top Reasons You Need the LG Front Load Laundry

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It's time to check-in on your laundry. If you're looking to to upgrade, now might be the time to come clean. 

You can really give your clothes a powerful wash with this LG front-load washer. Its sanitary cycle cleans the dirtiest of clothes and lets you add the steam option to effectively kill germs. Use the FreshCare option of this LG front-load washer to periodically tumble clothes for up to eight hours to prevent wrinkles if you’re unable to unload after a cycle ends.


When it comes to front load washers, cleaning and convenience are at the top of the list. 

  • Cleaning performance within front load is better than top load; front loaders will typically use less water and also consume less electricity, the washer also spins faster to help keep clothes drier to reduce overall drying time.
  • Best cleaning performance
  • Gentleness on clothes so they last longer
  • Most energy efficient to save on utility bills
  • Highest spin speaks to dry clothes faster
  • SideKick compatible – providing additional capacity to wash 2 loads at once

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Mobile Security: Protect Your Selfie, Shop Online & Speed Up Your Phone

According to a recent research conducted by Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab in the U.S., around 60% of internet users feel insecure in mobile web browsing, while 30% of them don’t know what to do with it. Moreover, online hackers and disclosure of sensitive personal data which can lead to stolen identities and financial damages are the most common fear of internet users.

That begs the question: How safe if your mobile device? If you're an Andriod user you'll want to download Security Master, a new app from Cheetah Mobile Inc. it is a must-have for the mobile addicted! 

Security Master is available now for free on Android devices and is an upgraded version of CM Security, the current leading privacy protection and antivirus app. This new app takes all of the best functions from CM Security to the next level with more protection for users’ privacy and phone safety –anywhere, anytime.

While many of us don't feel tech savvy enough to understand the specific ins and outs of mobile security, it is something we all have to worry about since using our phone is such a big part of our daily life. That means thinking about safety and privacy protection when puckering up for a selfie, when using personal logins for social media accounts and other apps, and when shopping the latest beauty trends like Kylie’s Lip Kit through your phone.

Secure selfie anyone? It is with the CM Security Master app!

Secure selfie anyone? It is with the CM Security Master app!

The new Security Master app offers features to help you do all of this easily, effectively and quickly for the girl on the go including: 

  • Safely Shop On Your Phone: Protect yourself when you’re shopping for beauty products on your phone with Security Master’s “SafeConnect” feature. Powered by AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield VPN (virtual private network) technology, this feature enhances internet security on your phone by protecting and encrypting all data transmitted across the internet. This includes apps like instant message, financial banking and e-commerce.
  • Protect Your Selfies: You won’t have to worry about anyone getting a hold of your personal glamour shots on your phone when you have Security Master. Especially when you worked so hard to achieve that perfect smokey eye. The AppLock feature protects your mobile data, incoming calls, apps, settings, photos, or your apps and allows you to lock your phone and apps with a pattern, PIN code, or fingerprint.  You can also protect your phone with the Intruder-Selfie feature which will take an “intruder selfie” automatically anytime someone enters the wrong pattern or fingerprint into the AppLock screen a number of times. This photo will automatically save to your phone and be sent to your email, and the intruder will be notified that this action has been taken.
  • Optimize Your Phone’s Performance: We’ve all been there, our phone’s battery is running low or our phone is out of memory at the most inconvenient time. Security Master can clean and remove unnecessary files and free up storage with just one tap, clearing your cache while scanning threats and junk files. The app also offers a One-Click Booster to optimize your phone to keep the battery cool and your phone running fast while increasing battery life.

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