Love List: 5 Must-Haves For July

The dog days of summer are here! So we've come up with a list of things we're loving to soothe skin, beat the heat and make our lives easier!

Betches Hangover Iced Latte   What you need right now    leaura   Gmail.png

Hung over?

Here's the cure (p.s. it's vegan too). We're loving this Betches Hangover Iced Latte.  

Far superior to any unicorn latte, this yet-to-be-cliche vegan latte bar in Chinatown is selling an uber special limited edition Betches latte - made to cure your hangover and make you feel healthy, like right now.

Visit The Good Sort, 5 Doyers St, New York, NY and try the latte for yourself.

Rainy day got you down?

Try the Reverse Smart Umbrella by Patrizia Luca.

It's cell phone friendly! Just simply slips your arm through the handle to text your friends or get your uber with ease!

It's even designed to close in reverse! So when you close the umbrella, you'll notice the water pouring AWAY from you!


Too much sun?

If you’ve made the mistake of forgetting to re-apply your sunscreen and find yourself with an unfortunate sunburn you'll want Pevonia’s After-Sun Soothing GelThe light-weight formula cools, soothes and reduces redness associated with sunburn. This calming, hydrating gel uses White Water Lily, Green Tea Extract, and Chamomile Flower Oil to calm red, irritated skin.


Need to brighten up? 

Try the next big thing from K-Beauty! Move over sheet masks, the finger pad is soon to be your new bff!!! 


I'M Pro Ampoule Pad C, helps even out and brighten skin with Vitamin C in a 10% concentration. It contains plant ferment extract that creates beneficial enzymes such as amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants to improve fine lines and skin discoloration. 


Purple is not pretty...on your teeth!

Currently celebrating their 10th anniversary, Wine Wipes, are the only single-use, flavor-neutral, all-natural wipes on the market that instantly and easily remove embarrassing red wine stains, without affecting the taste of the wine!

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