Is ThermiSmooth Body The Non-Invasive Way To Smoother Thighs?

With spring arriving, warmer weather will be arriving soon. For me, it usually signals the start of skirt and dress season! No tights or leggings needed just bare legs and heels! 

For some that might be a daunting thought but I tried something that might help. ThermiSmooth Body is performed by targeting the areas under the skin, providing a temporary reduction of cellulite. There are a series of applications over 6-8 weeks that are gentle and pain-free. 

Recently, I met with Dr. Paul Lorenc to try out ThermiSmooth Body to help me feel more confident going bare!

I met with Dr. Paul Lorenc and had a Thermi Q&A session! Here are some things you need to know for your ThermiSmooth Body treatment.

 The Thermi250 machine. 

The Thermi250 machine. 

ESP: There is a lot of new technology in the non-invasive space, how do I know if Thermi is right for me?

Dr. Lorenc: Anybody who has laxity of the skin, meaning anyone losing collagen and elastin, is a good candidate for ThermiSmooth. Can be used all over the body – face, legs, arms and torso.

ESP: What kind of results can I expect overall? 

Dr. Lorenc: This is related to the number of treatments a patient has done and how much you can tolerate the radiofrequency energy. Typically younger patients respond better due to many variables but one is they produce more collagen. These treatments stimulate collagen production. A 30-40 year-old will see better results than 60-70 year-olds due to the rate of collagen production.

ESP: Will I see results in one treatment? 

It is possible to see some results. We recommend 3-4 treatments one month apart and to maintain this once a year. Stimulating collagen can be seen after one treatment but an increased result will be seen after 3 treatments at spread out a month apart.

 Great results from ThermiSmooth Body on thighs. 

Great results from ThermiSmooth Body on thighs. 

ESP: Are results permanent? If not, how often do I need to schedule treatments?

Results are not permanent so we recommend at least one treatment a year to maintain results.

ESP: What is the approximate cost per treatment?

Dr. Lorenc: Approximately, $500 per area.

ESP:  What are the potential side effects and risks?

Dr. Lorenc: ThermiRF, which is the machine we use for ThermiSmooth is a well-controlled system that allows us set the temperature and the machine measures the temperature up to that point leading to no injury of the skin. The potential side effect of this procedure is a burn but since the machine controls the temperature, this is impossible.

After my consult/Q&A session I had my first treatment. The technician applied a gel or jelly to the treatment area (in this case my thighs). Then used the Thermi attachment to give me what felt like at most times a heated massage. After about an hour, the treatment my thighs were a little pink (likely from the heat) but there was no pain. Later that day the pink color went away and there was no pain or bruising. I did notice my thighs were a bit smoother but I know to keep up the results I will need to book more treatments.

I hope that answers some of your questions about ThermiSmooth Body. If you want to learn more visit: