Curvy Girl Style: Bandelettes Are Your Must Have Fashion Solution

I am proud to partner with Bandelettes to bring you this post, all opinions expressed are my own.

Skirt and dress season is finally here! Yes, I am in NYC so there is always a chance of snow until the end of March. My sneaking suspicion (and optimism) leads me to believe we can start to trade our heavy layers for lighter pieces.

During NYFW I had the chance to do just that and actually went out in bare legs! Well, kind of...I tried Bandelettes for the first time and fell in love!

It's confession time! My thighs have always been very close, I have always been team #nothighgap, go team! In the past, I have relied on shapewear or hosiery for anti-chafing purposes. When I paired these Bandelettes with a Marchesa Notte cocktail dress to put them to the test, I was glad I did. 

I love lingerie and there is something about the combination of the pretty lace and the comfort while wearing them that just makes my thighs feel happy. Bandelettes are the holy grail of anti-chafing solutions. At least this is true for any gal (or guy, see the unisex options) with friendly thighs. Just know that you no longer have to be a slave to Spanx or put deodorant in places where it shouldn't be!

Bandelettes are available in 9 styles including lace in classic colors and also unisex options for men and women. Traditional? Try them in beige or white (this is gorgeous for brides too). Want to add a little drama? Get them in black or red and wear them with a skirt or dress with side slit. I like the option to show them off.  

Best of all, they fit comfortably on your thighs and stay in place so that you don’t have to deal with that awkward feeling of fabric riding up and down your legs. The key thing is to make sure you really do measure your thigh. They even have a video to show you how to measure for the perfect fit. Remember they do stretch to accommodate movement (it's what makes them so comfortable too). When you wear the correct size they stay in place. I wore mine high up, almost as high as they could go up my leg, and walked/ran around comfortably without much adjustment. (I placed them lower on the leg for the photo so that I wouldn't reveal too much other info).

I can now say that Bandelettes are my curvy girl style weapon. They even debuted on the runway at NYFW this season at the Chromat show!  

I hope you do try them for yourself to see! Order your pair at