What Experts Are Saying About Flossing

The recent article in the Associated Press, reporting that the Federal Government doesn’t have much solidified proof that flossing helps prevent gum disease and cavities, has caught us all by surprise. After years of flossing morning and night and squirming quietly in pain while the dentist saws at our gums, it is no shock that the recent findings, or lack thereof, have thrown us into a tailspin of debate.

Remembering to floss isn’t easy, and although the federal government doesn’t have much proof of its benefits according to experts, your years of dental diligence may not have been in vain. “Although the evidence on the benefits of flossing may not be extensive, cavity formation is simple and clear. Plaque and bacteria combined with time in between or around the tooth causes tooth decay. If people stop flossing there will be a correlation with increased interproximal cavities which results in more disease and inflammation” says Dr. Vladana Babcic of Cameo Endodontics.

The idea of tossing our floss into the trash forever sounds like a slice of heaven but, have you ever seen the results of not flossing? “Food gets trapped in pockets along the gums which then causes inflammation. Your gums are then prone to bleeding, which is early evidence of Periodontal Disease,” says oral hygiene expert and CEO/Founder of Boka, James Hagen. To ease the pain of mainstream floss, Boka has created a beeswax formula (did you know many are made with teflon?) that’s gentle on your gums and easy to use.