Your Gym Bag Essentials + 5 Tips To Get Motivated #FindYourHealthy

I’m proud to partner with CVS Pharmacy on this post for the CVS Health brand line. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

Summer is a time to unwind, soak up the sun, and take advantage of the warm weather. It’s also a time to give a little bit of extra attention to yourself. Which is why I teamed up with CVS to create a way for you to get moving this summer!

I’ve created a Wellness Package that inspired me to get moving! Here are some of the CVS Health line of products and 5 tips you can use to get moving too! 

1. Update your gym bag

Want to hit the gym more? It helps to have your essentials ready to go...even if you aren't. That means all your gear and fitness necessities. For me that includes a gym bag with: sneakers, socks, leggings, tank top, CVS Health Cooper Compression Sleeve, CVS Health Extreme Sport Athletic Tape, CVS Extreme Sport Athletic Bandages and a bottle of water. 


2. Get your vitamins

It's great to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Yes, in an ideal world we'd all have a delicious well balanced meal. The reality isn't so picture perfect.

Make sure you find the right supplements for you at CVS. I love the selection of fiber gummies; melatonin chews; hair, skin & nail gummies and to-go chewables available at CVS. 

3. New workout plan

Let's get physical!

101: Not working out regularly?

Why not meet with a trainer to assess your fitness levels and develop a plan.

Next level: If you're hitting a plateau try mixing it up with a new class.

One of my favorite new workouts is Pact Park. This cardio boxing workout pushes me and during the class I use a cooper compression sleeve, pre-wrap and athletic tape all from CVS. 

Weird (But Works) Tip: Add something small to your daily routine that you do right before you workout. For me this was using the CVS Teeth Whitening Pen right before each workout for a week. The result was a whiter smile and reinforcing my fitness plan. 

4. Buddy Up

Still need more of a push? Use the buddy system to get support from a friend. This can be in person, where you workout together or even just send motivation via text. 

5. Recover

This is a big one for me. I've learned the best way to avoid injury is allow time to let your body recover. Thanks to CVS Health's products like: soothing mineral salts; kinesiology tape; muscle rub spray; bandages & first aid kit, Manuka honey burn pads to soothe and heal. 

Tell me what you would have in your wellness kit? Share in the comments below!