WTFrizz!!?! The 5 Hair Products You Need To Fight Humidity

By Andrea Claire

As a hairstylist in Canada we combat the affects of humidity on hair about 2-3 months out of a year; basically once your system is mastered, the weather is changes and the moisture in the air becomes a non-issue. Then you wait 9 months and start all over again. It's like driving in snow, everyone forgets how that first snowfall or two...

But now, I'm snowless and dealing with humidity 24/7 because I live in Singapore, where hours after you shower you still feel wet.

Not only am I trying to stay on top of chic status, but I'm also in charge of celebs and models' tresses to look good. That day I worked with Seal was a cakewalk!

My industry peers who have come and gone from Singapore accompanying a-listers for press junkets, hashtag #fightthefrizz out of frizz frustrations because, yes, if you're in aircon a hair maestro can whip up any coif-envy, step out and it turns into hair empathy. But don't fret! Eight years of living in Singapore, add in shooting outside, in town and around the beach, I have the concoctions and tips for you!

Women are told far too often that their hair is dry & frizzy and are quick to have unnecessary & expensive salon services on their hair to fight this so-called 'frizz'. Keratin & rebonding is the number 1 oversold hair service in Singapore. The problem with those services is that they tend straighten the hair without life so sure, no 'frizzies' but no body either and there tends to be breakage.

The thing with humidity, is that you need to have a certain level of moisture in your hair to block out more entering and swelling the hair shaft. The best way to explain this is by comparing hair to a sponge. Take a dry sponge. Flat, right? When you add water, what happens? It swells and expands. But, if you take an already wet sponge and add water to it, there's only so much more that it can absorb. Think of this when it comes to your hair. It doesn't mean your hair is 'dry', but with the proper products such as leave-in conditioners, serums or products with oil-absorbing ingredients, you create a barrier that blocks out humidity, mainly because there's no space left in the hair for humidity to settle in.

My go-to hair products that changes the fight to conquering the frizz war and humidity hair collapses.

1. Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream is your first line of defense. I love this product for all year use and on every hair type. Your hair literally is buttery smooth without being flat. There is a light version if you prefer and have baby fine hair..

2. Original & Mineral Rootalicious gives the roots marvellous reinforcement that keeps hair full all day. It's as if its on a time release to help maintain your mane throughout the day.

3. Bedhead After Party is great for all hair types but I especially love it for excessively curly hair that you want defined curl that's contained and frizz-free. I do find this product a little heavy for fine hair so apply sparingly. You can always add more.

4. Jonathan Product High Shine Flexible Hairspray has humidity control. I discovered this must-have after shooting an ad campaign for Clear anti-dandruff shampoo outside on a rooftop in Singapore where smooth hair was imperative.

5. Moroccanoil styling products. Love them for all hair types.


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