The Argan Oil Revolution Rages On

By Jennifer Ross

Although Argan Oil has been used as part of many a beauty rituals and regimes for ages, the general public did not catch onto the power of this ancient elixir until this last decade. And although there have been a slew of cosmetic lines that have capitalized on the force of this super ingredient, there's a new kid in town that is staking it's claim in the game.

Marie d'Argan offers a pure organic Argan Oil that puts it in a class by itself. The result of hand-picked Argan kernels, this Argan is gathered by a women's co-operative in Essaouira, Morocco. These kernels are then cold pressed and processed through a proprietary micro filtration process to ensure the highest caliber fructification. The end result is a small cruelty and paraben free line boasting several decadent Argan infused products. This up-and-coming eco-lux brand also offers a Nigella Sativa Oil and Macadamia Oil as well. Down below are my three personal brand favs.....

ARGAN OIL (1.69 oz., $49)
Gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types, this 100% Organic Argan Kernal Oil (Argania Spinosa) can be used to provide anti-aging and hydration benefits from head to toe, and anywhere in the middle (minus around the eyes!).

DAY CREAM (1.6 oz., $65)
It's not easy to find a daily face cream that imparts enough weightless moisture into the skin that also provides a barrier from the sun with SPF 15, but here it is. Collagen and Elastin help rejuvenate and correct, while Vitamin E in Argan Oil promotes hydration, and Aloe soothes and hydrates as well.

NIGHT CREAM (1.6 oz., $65)
Give your skin some R&R while you catch some Zzz's with this rich yet absorbent night salve. Vitamin E in Argan Oil helps aides with skin hydration and Hyaluronan stimulates repair and regeneration of cell structure. Royal Jelly provides moisture and protects the skin from premature aging.

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