Let's Talk Periods With Aunt Flo!

The HelloFlo community – the creative minds behind viral videos Camp Gyno and Period Fairy – have teamed up with Kimberly-Clark’s like-minded brands U by Kotex and Poise to launch Aunt Flo!  

The purpose of these videos, which captures a day in the life of a fictional Aunt Flo, is to playfully touch upon on those genuine, life-changing milestones that effect women daily and offer innovative, forward-thinking products for everyday fem-care. From the moment a girl first gets her period, to the time a woman says hello to menopause, Kimberly-Clark and HelloFlo want to normalize the conversation surrounding women’s health and engage female audiences by offering up relatable content that applies to women at every age, and every stage, of life.

“By teaming up with HelloFlo, not only are we helping more women receive customized feminine care solutions that are just right for them, we’re also connecting, entertaining and engaging a wider audience of women with real, relatable content created in concert with a partner who understands them as well as we do,” said Melissa Dennis, U by Kotex senior brand manager, Kimberly-Clark.

“I created HelloFlo with a simple mission: to normalize the conversation around women’s health,” said Naama Bloom, HelloFlo Founder and CEO and SheKnows Media’s Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing. “We are thrilled to partner with the U by Kotex and Poise brands as we continue to offer unique, inspirational and entertaining solutions and content for women, at every age and every stage.”

HelloFlo is a community devoted to promoting health and empowerment for women and girls, and normalizing the conversation around women’s bodies so they can live healthier lives. “First Timer,” “Menstrual Maven” and “Mom to Be” kits available on all contain U by Kotex products; “Mom to Be” kits include Poise products too. Select kits also include beauty and maternity products, travel kits, accessories, as well as products from Kimberly-Clark’s Kleenex and Cottonelle brands.