Get The Look: 90's Retro Inspired Double Top Knots

The 90's are back in fashion and beauty! We spotted this double top knot on Rowan Blanchard and had to get the how-to!

To achieve Rowan this 90's retro inspired hair we asked celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps for the 411.

1. Use White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Thermal Spray on damp hair for shine and hold and roughly blow dry hair."This is my go to product for hold and shine," says Laurie.

Tip: White Sands Liquid Texture Medium allows the brush to glide through hair without catching, thus achieving a flat iron type effect full of volume and shine with just a blow dryer and round brush in hand.

2. Part hair down the middle and pull each section up into a pony. 

3. Apply Kevin Murphy Powder Puff to the length of the pony for texture and grit. 

4. Twist pony and then twirl into a topknot securing with pins. "This doesn't have to be perfect. Allow pieces of the hair to stray and use your fingers to release any baby hairs around the hairline," explains Laurie. 

5. Finish with a light mist of Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish Spray. 

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