Guy's Grooming: How To Find Your Magic With AXE

Did you know that AXE is the No. 1 men’s fragrance brand in the world?

It is and the brand is coming of age with a bold new point of view: AXE wants guys to shed outdated views of masculinity to embrace what makes them unique. We all have our own “thing” – something special that makes us attractive to the world, whether it’s your walk, your talk, your smile or your style – it’s your magic.

Earlier this week AXE hosted an epic event in New York City. 

Shout out to the men in heels! I loved seeing Kendall Mugler in a ball scene! 

“Masculinity today is going through seismic changes. More than ever, guys are rejecting rigid male stereotypes,” said Matthew McCarthy, Senior Director, AXE & Men’s Grooming for Unilever. “We’ve been part of guys’ lives for decades, and AXE champions real guys and the unique traits that make them attractive to the world around them.”

This year, AXE wants you to Find Your Magic. The brand will launch new experiences and products designed to help guys express their personal style, including the AXE Collective with John Legend, the Instagroom content series and the new AXE Advanced Collection grooming line.

The AXE Collective is encouraging aspiring creators to visit to submit their music or films for a chance to be mentored by John Legend and be featured at an event during SxSW in Austin, TX or the Toronto International Film Festival this year.

XE has also created the new Instagroom series, designed to inspire guys and give them the tools to achieve their own unique magic. Instagroom features 15-second videos that answer the most burning style and grooming questions guys are searching for online to help them amp up their personal style.

The new AXE Advanced Collection, a more premium range of grooming products, helps guys express their individuality so they can look, feel and act their most attractive. Comprised of three lines – Adrenaline, Urban, and Signature – these products offer a variety of benefits including fragrance-release, anti-odor, and anti-marks technology.

  • AXE Adrenaline: Energize your senses and conquer what comes your way. Products that keep up with you every time you up your game.
  • AXE Urban: The city is your playground, don’t let it make you sweat. Products that give you the edge to take on your day.
  • AXE Signature: Your sophisticated style, uncompromised. Products to keep you looking and feeling sharp.

The AXE brand’s bold new direction will be brought to life globally via cross-channel advertising and a new film called “Find Your Magic,” developed by advertising agency 72andSunny Amsterdam.

On the inspiration behind Find Your Magic, 72andSunny Amsterdam Executive Creative Director Carlo Cavallone said, “AXE has always been at the forefront of culture. With Find Your Magic we’re out to liberate guys from pressure and bullshit, and empower them to be the most attractive men they can be – themselves.”

The most attractive man you can be is yourself. So Find Your Magic. Then work on it.

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