Fight Cold Season With Fitness, Food, Fashion & Zicam® Total Immune

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With snow and chilly temps in full effect it’s cold season. We all want to stay healthy through the cold season so I’ve partnered with Zicam® Total Immune to share some tips to boost your immunity!

Let me be clear Zicam® Total Immune products do not prevent, treat or cure colds. These products are strictly immune support. Thus, these products can be used to support your immune system in preparation for cold season.

Since showing up for your health every single day is vital I love that Zicam® Total Immune has made supporting your immune system so easy with the launch of two amazing new products Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts and Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals.

I want to share how I mix: Fitness, Fashion, Food & Zicam® Total Immune products to support my immune system.


I like to keep active all year round. I also like to try new things like Anti-Gravity Yoga! I also know that what you put in your body is super important too!

Many people don’t realize this, but immunity function actually starts in the gut. Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals has pro-biotics with live active cultures that are so important for your digestive health. This one is fun to take too! You can take it right from the packet (kind of like a pixie stick) or you can throw it in a water bottle, give it a little shake and you’re good to go!

I know the importance of a good breakfast. When I am pressed for time I love bowl of warm oatmeal topped with fruit and nuts. Now that New York Fashion Week is underway and the one thing I need to do is get more sleep. In the meantime I can keep Zicam® Total Immune Crystals in my bag with my beauty and fashion essentials.

I also have started using Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts. Zicam® Total Immune Melts are formulated with B Vitamins to support energy by converting food into fuel. These melts dissolve right in your mouth and are really delicious so they feel less like a dietary supplement and more like a treat! I turn to these when I need that extra energy support to keep up with my active and busy lifestyle.

I rely on products that work for my busy lifestyle and Zicam® Total Immune is an easy and convenient way to support my immune system on the go.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zicam® Total Immune.